Lease Negotiation Tips Series – Get Ready!

In each of the next several blog posts, we will present to you a suggestion for you to employ when negotiating a commercial lease. These posts will cover renewals, the Use clause, the Assignment clause, CAM (Common Area Maintenance) and lease options. For the vast majority of tenants, these items are of critical importance when establishing rights under a commercial lease. Through our years of experience, we have found that these areas, when handled improperly, can detrimentally impact a business’ bottom line to the point of causing a complete business failure. Since we’re in the business of helping small businesses succeed, we are glad to provide advice on how to strengthen these areas in your lease so that they operate in your favor.

As we move through the various topics of discussion, feel free to pose any questions or share any experiences – positive or negative – that you have had in relation to the subject.

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