Closing Out The Year 2012

The approach of the Thanksgiving holiday signals that the end of the year will be here soon. The next several weeks tend to be a time for reflection on the past year – what went well and what did not – and a time to set goals for the next year.

When assessing the successes of last year and planning for the year to come, think about how you can streamline your operations. Consider what it was that you spent far too much time on this year, that could have been delegated and more efficiently performed by someone else. Did you spend too much time doing X, when your forte is really Y, and you should have simply hired someone to take X off your plate? Did you squander away creative energy trying to figure out how to handle some matter in which you have no expertise, only to find that you could have saved yourself some aggravation if you had someone else take on the task for you?

Don’t forget that a critical part of the success of any small business is it running efficiently. Focus on what you know best – outsource the rest. When the time comes for you to negotiate (or renegotiate) the commercial lease for your space, outsource to the best source for commercial lease expertise – Final Eyez Lease Consultants.

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