About Our Company


After reviewing and analyzing thousands of commercial leases year after year, one thing became apparent to us: even though tenants are the ones who provide income to landlords, landlords still have the upper hand. The smaller the tenant, the more unbalanced the relationship. We found that many tenants are rarely aware of the potential ramifications of the lease documents they sign, simply because leasing is not their line of business. The problem is that many business owners do not realize that this foundational element, if not handled properly, can have huge consequences for their bottom line.


Over the years, more and more of our friends, family, and even our own doctors and dentists would ask for tips on how to handle their store and office leases. They wanted sensible, quick answers and, quite frankly, did not want to deal with the expense and complexity associated with hiring an attorney (we are attorneys, but only practice law in the States of New York and Georgia). They preferred to have someone explain to them, in layman’s terms, only those issues that mattered most. Furthermore, they simply did not have the time to focus too much on learning about lease provisions and terms, when they needed to focus more on running their business. That’s where we came in. We know leases.


So Final Eyez was born. We make our expertise available in a manner that is both time and cost-effective, even to the smallest of tenants. We believe in focusing on what is critical, and arming our clients with information. This information leads to confidence. With this confidence and competence, the negotiating field becomes more level.

Lori Davis

Senior Consultant

Lori Davis has over 14 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, focusing on lease review, due diligence services, and abstracting of office and retail properties. Prior to starting Final Eyez, Lori was a senior analyst in the services department of a leading real estate technology company, where she specialized in lease analysis for global organizations, including H&M and Sony. Her vast experience also includes consulting for a commercial real estate firm where she performed due diligence services. Lori is a graduate of University at Albany – SUNY and University at Buffalo Law School. She is a licensed attorney in Georgia and New York.

Email: ldavis@finaleyez.com

Tanya Nebo

Senior Consultant

Tanya Nebo is a real estate attorney with over nine years of varied commercial experience. Prior to starting Final Eyez, Tanya served as a senior lease analyst, specializing in the review and analysis of leases for multi-national companies including McDonald’s and Bank of America. While practicing law with the national law firm of Holland & Knight, LLP, she focused on commercial transactional work, including office leasing and telecommunications site leasing for the largest cellular network in the United States. Tanya earned her undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York City and her law degree from the University of Virginia. She is a licensed real estate agent and attorney in the State of Georgia.

Email: tnebo@finaleyez.com